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AgiVox is an early-stage start-up building technology that will revolutionize the application interface for access to new media content on mobile devices.

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Mobile devices are one of the hottest growth sectors of the consumer electronics arena. New devices and new use paradigms focus on internet information streams like social networking and online news sources. Market research indicates that social networking and news / information sources are consistently ranked among the key reasons that consumers choose to acquire and use smart phones.

But mobile devices today are limited to visual / tactile interfaces little improved from their origins in the PC market – requiring persistent and repeated use of fingers and eyes. So often during a day in our lives, we are unable to use the tiny keyboard or the touch screen on our mobile device. We dearly long for a viable alternative.

AgiVox is dedicated to bringing about hands-free and eyes-free mobile access to online content.

We are actively seeking funding. If you are an investor and would like to hear more about our interface technology, please contact us.


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